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Sept 25, 2018 Blog Testing

Ships log 9.25.18   Headed back to Sea Larks in two days.  That will  make this trip home an 8 day visit.  Just about right.  Saw a few family and friends.  No golf, but did not even miss it.

Decided to haul and paint the bottom with anti fouling paint (did not even realize that was a thing required every two years or so).  Hard to find a lift that can handle our 26 foot beam, but got in at Georgetown Yacht Basin next week.

Headed to Portsmouth VA for the ARC 1500 rally to Tortola, BVI.  That is where we picked up our boat after shipment from Cape Town SA in July of 2017.

Will try to update this site a little more frequently and get you (3 adult children followers) up to speed, if you are interested.

Trying to figure out how to add some photos may make this slightly more interesting!