Visiting Us

luggage on yahtWe welcome our family and friends, so do contact us to check our future ports of call, planned length of stay and availability for visitors. Before you plan your visit, please refer to our visitor guidelines which follow.

We want you to have an enjoyable time while visiting us aboard Sealarks. We can’t guarantee you a good time – you’re on your own in the attitude category – however, we will do our best to give our friends an outline of expectations and overview of living aboard so that you arrive as well-informed as possible.
This isn’t like staying in a hotel, but it isn’t quite camping either. It’s just a little different.

First of all, let’s tackle what to bring and what to avoid when packing for your journey.

§  Currency – some places take credit cards but some require cash only. We use ATMs to obtain local currency worldwide, and you might find this the easiest manner to obtain foreign currency.

§  NO HARD SIDED LUGGAGE OR SUITCASES. Use collapsible luggage (duffel bag, back pack, etc.) as there is no room to store suitcases on the boat. Rolling luggage is fine; but unless it breaks down flat you will be sleeping with it. We use rolling duffel bags that collapse flat for easy storage.

§  Pack light so you can easily hoist your bag; you don’t need much anyway. For daytime: shorts, bathing suit, t-shirts, cover-ups, etc. For nighttime: shorts/trousers, sweat shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, lightweight jacket, etc.

§  Plan on nothing fancier than very, very casual, and heels no higher than “tennis shoes”. You really don’t need jewelry, resort wear or “bling” to vacation with us. This is a time to get away from all that. If there is a fancy restaurant in the area or a local yacht club that we will be visiting, we will let you know before you start packing; otherwise, leave the hair gel, the curling/flat irons, and the glam at home.

§  Remember a hat/cap and good sunglasses.

§  SHOES: One pair to wear on the boat.

§  Your boat shoes should have a non-marking, non-slip sole.

§  If the boat shoes you bring are the ones you are wearing now, be sure to thoroughly clean the sole so the gravel and rocks in the grooves will not scratch the decks.

§  Your other shoes/sandals should be comfortable for walking and for wearing on the beach, in the town, etc.

§  Bring your preferred brand of insect repellent and whichever suntan lotion you generally use.

§  Bring your personal toiletries (toothbrush, shaving items, deodorant, etc); however, we will provide toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and shower gel.

§  Don’t bring a bunch of electrical gadgets, as we run on batteries so care needs to be taken with regards to electricity consumption.

§  If you are prone to motion sickness we encourage you to bring the appropriate medication or personal treatment that best suits you. We do keep a supply of Stugeron pills on board; but if you prefer different medications, please bring it.

§  Do not bring any food that is not sealed by the manufacturer, and please no cardboard containers; they are a haven for bugs to lay their eggs and we don’t want them hatching in the middle of the sea.

§  If you prefer a particular drink or you might want to enjoy a bottle or two of your favorite wine while visiting us, please feel free to bring what your luggage and the visiting country laws allow. If you want something special, a visit to the duty-free shop at the airport might be in order.

§  The rear cabin is the master cabin. All guests will be accommodated in the forward cabins. We can accommodate 4 guests comfortably, and we will not be giving up our aft cabin :).

Now, a few living-on-board pointers for those of you not familiar with sea life.
Equipment on a boat is more delicate than one might think, and is much more expensive to replace or to repair than the average home items and spare parts are often hard to find; therefore, we have a few HOUSEKEEPING RULES. Violations of rules may result in one of the following: confinement to quarters, “walking the plank”, food rationing, etc.

§  NOTHING GOES IN THE TOILETS BUT WHAT COMES OUT OF YOUR BODY and the appropriate toilet paper – no feminine products, gum, not even a matchstick. And, most importantly, NO HAIR… not one single strand!!! Both heads are equipped with a macerator which is activated every time the ‘flush’ button is pressed. The macerator cuts all waste matter and paper into tiny bits before it is dumped into the holding tank. Strands of hair wrap around the macerator blades and stop the flushing action. This will break the macerator and it is a very nasty job to clean. Glen will not be very happy with you if he has to take apart the sewer line to clean up your mistake. Guest head toilet system flushes with sea water. Urine and salt water combine to form rock-hard ‘crystals’ that will block the discharge hoses; so it is very important to flush long enough to evacuate all urine from the discharge hoses and into the holding tank (flush minimum of 15 seconds).

§  Nothing but liquid goes down any sink drain. To avoid smells developing in the bilge area, we pour no food liquids down the kitchen sink. Please discuss with Oana if you have any questions and she will show you how to handle food waste disposal.

§  Refrigerator and freezer doors should be closed quickly and not left open or unlatched. The freezer is not self-defrosting.

§  When using the shower, turn WATER ON and wet yourself and your sponge thoroughly, TURN WATER OFF and lather up, AND LAST TURN WATER ON AND RINSE SOAP OFF. Same when brushing teeth: do not leave the tap running. While showering, switch on the pump.

§  Cooking and general clean up are shared duties among the entire crew. Do step in to offer your assistance, or to prepare your own cups of tea, coffee or snacks.

§  Do not leave lights on when not occupying a room. We make our own energy and try to conserve whenever and wherever prudent to do so.

§  Please use coasters under your drinks. Or use absorbent cozies on your cans of soda or beer.

§  No food or drinks in the cabins. Food and snacks should be consumed either topside or within the galley area.

§  Please treat our home with the respect you would your own home. Or if you don’t treat your own home with respect – treat ours like you would your mother’s home when she is watching.

§  The interior of Sealarks is luxurious and delicate. Much of the interior is fine finished teak and scratches / stains very easily. Upholstery is alcantara and can be permanently stained and/or soiled.  Kitchen worktop and bathroom sinks are corian and can also scratch or stain easily.  Please be mindful of the interior because it is our home and we are particular about its appearance. We like to keep it looking like new.

Finally, if you are unsure of something, please ask. Otherwise we may run you up the mast and let you hang for a while if you have a question that you don’t ask, hence committing a grievous infraction :).